Traveling for the Holidays? 6 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Cat

Traveling for the Holidays? 6 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Cat

The holiday season is here! It’s time to pack up those bags and take that long-awaited trip. But how about your furry feline companion? Whether you are visiting family or exploring exciting destinations, it is essential to ensure your cat is well taken care of while you are away. Here is a look at five things to do in preparation for your holiday journey.

1. Arrange for a Trusted Cat Sitter

The first thing to check off your list is arranging for a reliable cat sitter to check in on your furry friend. Leaving your cat to fend for itself is never an option. Arrange daily visits with a professional cat sitter, trusted friend, or family member to ensure your cat has fresh food, water, and a clean litter box. Spending quality time playing and interacting with your feline friend will provide the needed companionship. If a pet sitter is not an option, the next best thing is finding a safe and reputable boarding facility to care for your cat in your absence. 

2. Stock Up on Supplies

Before packing your bags, make sure you have an ample supply of all your cat’s essentials. These include cat food, treats, litter, and any necessary medications to last for the duration of your trip. Having a surplus of supplies is always a good idea. It will ensure your cat’s routine remains uninterrupted in the event of unexpected travel delays. 

3. Create a Comfortable Environment

Cats are creatures of habit. Any changes in their environment can be stressful for them, so plan ahead. Create a safe and comfortable space where your paw-some pal can continue to relax when you are gone on your trip. Place favorite toys, blankets, and scratching posts within reach. If your cat has a preferred hiding spot, make sure it is easily accessible. Leave behind an article of clothing or towel with your scent to give your cat a sense of security. 

4. Update Identification and Microchip Information

Make sure your cat’s tag, ID, and microchip are up to date with your current contact information. If your feline friend isn’t already microchipped, the best time to take care of that is now. In the event your cat accidentally gets out of your home, current contact information will increase the chances of a happy reunion.

5. Schedule a Pre-Trip Veterinary Check-Up

Contact All About Cats Veterinary Hospital to schedule a pre-trip veterinary check-up. Make sure any vaccinations are up to date, and your cat is in good health. We are always happy to answer your questions, address your concerns, and offer tips on managing your cat’s well-being during your time away. 

6. Leave a Detailed Note 

If you hire a cat sitter, leave a note in a prominent location, such as the refrigerator, detailing your cat’s feeding schedule, feeding station location(s), medication or supplement schedule, where you store medications, supplements, and extra food, and your cat’s favorite hiding spots. Include emergency contact information so your cat sitter can reach you quickly and easily. Also, include a trusted relative or friend’s information in case the cat sitter cannot reach you. 

Make sure to list information for your veterinary clinic, as well as information for local urgent care and emergency clinics. We recommend that you call your veterinary clinic before your vacation to let them know the name of your cat sitter and your vacation dates. Ask the clinic’s staff what they require to authorize your cat sitter to make medical decisions on your behalf should an urgent medical issue arise if you are not available by phone. 

Compassionate Veterinary Care Near Me in Kirkland, WA

At All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, we understand how hard it is to leave your cat during the holidays. With thoughtful preparation, you can help ensure the experience is less stressful for you and your furry friend. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and are here to help ensure your cat is healthy and happy, even when you are miles away. You can always count on us for purr-fectly compassionate care because, after all, we are all about cats!

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