10 Fascinating Facts About Persian Cats

Easily recognizable for their brilliant eyes, luxurious coats, amiable nature, and elegant, almost royal demeanor, Persian cats continue to be one of the most popular cat breeds today. While these fluffy furballs require grooming every day, they are among the best pets, making special friends for life!

Here are some fascinating facts about Persian cats:

1. Persian Cats Have Mysterious Origins

Persian cats were imported into Europe from Persia in the early 1600s. The long-haired beauties were immediately prized for their exotic looks and were named after their presumed homeland. However, their true origins remain obscure, and nobody knows how long they’ve been around. 

2. Queen Victoria Had Persian Cats

Queen Victoria was an animal fanatic with a fondness for Persian cats. She had multiple Persian cats, contributing to the cat’s status of elegance, sophistication, and nobility. 

3. Persian Cats Were in the World’s First Cat Show

Persian cats were showcased in the world’s first organized cat show in 1871 at the Crystal Palace in London. A whopping 20,000 people flocked to the show to witness a Persian kitten win the “Best in Show” award. 

4. The Persian Cat Is One of the First Pedigreed Cats

Persian cats are considered one of the earliest pedigreed breeds, with the first purebred Persians arriving in the United States around 1875. In 1906, the Cat Fanciers’ Association was formed in America, and a Persian was one of the first cats registered. Persians are the most popular pedigreed breed in the United States and worldwide. 

5. The World’s Largest Cat Painting Features Persian Cats

Several famous paintings have sold for exorbitant amounts over the years, but none as unique as one titled “My Wife’s Lovers,” which features 42 Persians. The painting took three years to complete. Its dimensions are 6′ x 8.5,’ and it weighs 227 pounds, making it the largest cat painting in the world. It last sold for $826,000.

6. Persian Cats Haven’t Always Had Flat Faces

Persian cats haven’t always had that distinctive flat face, but in the 1950s, a genetic mutation caused a batch of kittens to be born with those scrunched features. Breeders took to the new look and used selective breeding to get that Persian show cat “peke-faced” look. The traditional Persian cat, also known as the doll face, doesn’t have that flat silhouette.

7. Persian Cats Come in Different Colors

The stereotypical white Persian cat isn’t the only one out there. The fancy breed comes in a range of colors and shades. From orange and gray to black and white, chocolate, lilac, chinchilla gold, and shaded silver, you can almost certainly find a Persian cat in the color of your preference. 

8. Persian Cats Are Pretty High Maintenance

Famous for their long, thick fur, Persian cats are quite the high-maintenance breed, with combing and deshedding needed daily. Otherwise, you’ll have a tangled mess on your hands. Many owners find it easier to trim the long coat to keep it under control. 

9. Persian Cats Are Perfect Lapcats

Persians are super lazy, making them perfect lapcats. They’re often nicknamed “furniture with fur” because they can spend hours in the same spot without flinching. Persians are fun to be around and love interaction and playtime but won’t claw on your furniture and don’t have the curiosity to wreak havoc on your home. 

10. Persian Cats Aren’t the Best Pets for Young Kids

Persian cats are calm and gentle creatures who don’t do well with loud noises and constant disruption. They are incredibly affectionate toward their pet parents, but their calm and reserved nature make them ideal for quieter homes without young kids.

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