Top Reasons to Visit a Cat-Friendly Practice

Cat with a first aid kidDue to their unique nature and needs, taking cats to the vet can be very stressful, both for the furry patients and for their owners. The American Association of Feline Practitioners established the Cat-Friendly Practice Program to help reduce the stress associated with veterinary visits and to improve the quality of care. It also aims to support veterinary teams so that the staff is educated and knowledgeable about a cat's distinct needs and behaviors.

All About Cats Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer a cat-friendly facility to address our feline patients' unique needs. We work hard every day to promote a positive, stress-free environment. Following are the top reasons to choose a Cat-Friendly Practice for your pet's care.


Less Stressful Veterinary Visits

Cat-Friendly Practices make an effort to offer your fur-ever friend a calming experience, including a waiting area and environment designed to reduce the stress associated with other pets, or unfamiliar smells and sounds. Cat-Friendly Practices also offer advice on different ways to minimize any stress before and after the veterinary visit.


Gentle, Cat-Friendly Handling

Our team members follow the Feline-Friendly Handling Guidelines and Nursing Guidelines to ensure your cat is handled gently and respectfully. Physical exams are performed with a focus on providing the least stressful handling of your cat.


Highly Trained Veterinary Staff

The veterinary staff members are skilled at identifying and understanding the subtle signs of pain and illness, and the individualized needs of cats, including feline specific behavioral and facial cues. Our team receives ongoing education on feline medical care, behavior, and communication.

Client Education

They also educate their clients on feline issues including nutrition, addressing behavior issues, environmental enrichment of the home, parasite prevention, and more.  


Thoughtful, Individualized Care

Cat-Friendly Practices recommend annual exams for healthy cats or every six months for senior cats or those suffering from chronic conditions. Your feline friend's check-up will include dental, nutrition, pain, and behavior evaluation. Recommendations for care or treatment are individualized based on your cat's life stage, lifestyle, and health concerns. Vaccinations are administered based on established guidelines.

Hospitalizations are often stressful to cats. Cat-Friendly Practices take into account the emotional status of each cat when developing treatment plans. We offer hiding places where your cat can retreat and feel safe. We encourage you to bring a favorite item or toy to help keep your cat calm.


Cat-Friendly Care in Kirkland, WA

Contact All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Kirkland, WA to learn more about the benefits of choosing a Cat-Friendly Practice. We strive to make your furry family member's time with us feel comfortable and to reduce stress as much as possible. You can always count on exceptional, individualized, and compassionate care!

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