Those Pesky Fleas Are Still Here in the Winter

Can you believe how cold this winter has been in Seattle? We’ve even had snow – quite unusual for us! For those of you who have outdoor cats in Kirkland, WA, and the Seattle area, you’re probably thinking how great it is that those pesky fleas will be dormant while it’s cold. And if your kitty stays indoors all year, you may stop reading right here thinking he’s safe inside. Sadly, all cats are at risk for fleas all year round.


Fleas come in with you and your pets

As you read this, fleas may be surviving and thriving in your house. Fleas know how to find shelter on wildlife, in your garage and in your house. They can jump up to 13 inches, so when a dog or cat walks by, the fleas will jump on and take a ride right through the door and into your house. They’ll even jump on your shoes and pant legs as you hurry inside. And it won’t take them long to find your sweet kitty.


Fleas thrive in your warm house

Your warm, humid house is the ideal breeding ground for fleas. According to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, as soon as the flea lays its eggs on your cat, up to 50 eggs per day, they start falling off wherever your kitty goes. All the blankets we use in the winter, the rugs and carpeting to keep floors warm, comfy upholstered chairs and snuggly pet beds for your cat to curl up in — all of these are common spots for flea eggs and larvae to fall off and hide. But did you know even wood and other hard-surfaced floors don’t deter these pests? They just live in the cracks and edges until they become adult fleas, then jump on your cat and start breeding.

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Protect your cat from fleas year-round

Fleas can cause serious health problems for your cat, including the distressing skin problems that create so much discomfort. Make sure you check your cat daily, vacuum or clean floors often and keep areas your kitty sleeps on washed or cleaned frequently. Along with these precautions, year-round treatment inside and outside will help keep fleas under control and make kitty happy and comfortable. 


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