The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Cats now outnumber dogs in Kirkland, WA, and millennial men lead the growth in cat ownership

Woman holding cat | Cat Ownership increase in Kirkland Washington post by All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Kirkland, WA

Today’s millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000, are getting married later and living alone longer than previous generations. This lifestyle is one of the main reasons millennials have become the largest group of pet owners, larger than Baby Boomers: a GfK survey found 57 percent of U.S. millennials own a cat or dog. Because many millennials believe taking care of a dog requires more living space and more time than a cat, cats are becoming the pet of choice among Kirkland millennials. And interestingly, more men in this age group are getting cats than women.


Kirkland, WA, cat and millennial populations growing

Kirkland has become an increasingly popular place for millennials to live. According to the Puget Sound Regional Council, if the growth rates of 2010-2014 are sustained over the next 25 years, Kirkland will grow 45%. And Kirkland is ranked number six in a 2016 list of the most desirable areas for millennials in Seattle Metro, based on data analyzed by Niche, a city-ranking website.

The percentage of households with cats in Seattle metro is now greater than those with dogs, according to the Seattle Times. So it’s no surprise that the number of cats has grown in Kirkland. The cat population among millennials is growing too, especially among men. The widely held belief that women are more likely to have cats and men have dogs is no longer valid here. A survey conducted by research firm Mintel found that 48 percent of millennial men had cats, while only 35 percent of women had cats.


Cats fit the busy millennial man lifestyle

Cats are such great pets for the busy single lifestyle of millennial men. Unlike dogs that have to be taken for walks, need someone to play with them to stay active, and want to be with you constantly, cats are self-sufficient and can entertain themselves. Cats can be very social and enjoy attention and affection, but they’re content being on their own.

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