Summer Days Are Coming: Guide to Cat Grooming

Guide to grooming a cat for the summer

With summer around the corner, you may be wondering whether you should give your cat a haircut. After all, who wants to have a thick furry coat when the heat ramps up? It may come as a surprise, but it's best to avoid a do-it-yourself haircut. Here's what you need to know.


Cats and Summer Haircuts

Your cat's fur coat serves many purposes, mainly being an excellent insulator. It provides warmth during the cold winter days, and can also cool your feline friend in hot weather by trapping cool air against the skin. That said, a haircut may be necessary for tangled, matted fur. If you opt to give your cat a summer haircut, visit your veterinarian or a professional groomer. These professionals use equipment that will prevent your cat from accidentally getting hurt. Veterinarians regularly see cats that have been inadvertently injured by their owner’s scissors.


Recommendations for Cat Summer Haircuts

If you have a primarily outdoor cat, an extreme haircut may expose the skin to the sun, which may result in sunburns and other health problems. Moreover, your cat's protective fur keeps all sorts of unpleasant things from coming in contact with the skin, such as insects, allergens, and lawn care products. A haircut that is too short can also leave your pet more vulnerable to developing painful rashes or bites. These issues can be avoided when the groomer leaves about half an inch of fur; this will also serve to ensure your feline friend's coat retains its insulative properties.


Other Ways to Keep Your Kitty Cool

Make sure you have a cool, shady area and an ample supply of fresh water available. It's best to keep your furry feline friend indoors, especially during the hottest time of the day. You'll be protecting your precious kitty from the elements as well as the potential for accidents. Brush your cat often to loosen the hairs and allow air to circulate freely through the coat. Most importantly, never leave your fur-ever friend in a parked car. It only takes a few short minutes for temperatures to soar to dangerous levels, even if you leave the windows cracked.


Regular Care and Grooming

Whether or not you decide to take your cat to a groomer this summer, regular grooming is essential. It's best to begin right from the start to familiarize your newcomer with the grooming routine. Choose a time when your kitty is calm and quiet. Start with short sessions and use treats to encourage good behavior.

The time you spend grooming your cat is time well spent. You'll remove shedding fur, avoid matting, and, most importantly, it's an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your furry companion.


Medical Reasons for Grooming

There are definitely times in which a trip to the veterinarian or the groomer becomes necessary. For example, cats need to have a bath after they've been in a house fire to remove any residue on their coats we would not want them to ingest. Climbing up the fireplace, coming in contact with harmful chemicals, oil, tree sap, or incorrectly applied medications may require a bath.

Other medical reasons for regular grooming may include older kitties who can't groom themselves as well, hyperthyroidism, or medications that cause the coat to become unkempt. Some kitties need regular sanitary clips and toenail trims which your veterinarian or groomer can provide.

Please ask your primary veterinarian or local groomer for advice on when grooming might become necessary.


Quality Feline Veterinary Care in Kirkland, WA

Visit All About Cats Veterinary Hospital to learn more about keeping your cat purr-fectly healthy this summer and throughout the year. We are happy to offer grooming tips and advice, and refer you to an excellent groomer. We look forward to caring for all your cat's needs!

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