Senior Cat Care Tips

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Pet parents love to give their furry feline companions the best of care. As cats age, they require special attention to maintain healthy, happy lives. Following are tips to help you care for your aging feline friend.


Keep Your Senior Cat Indoors

Make sure to keep your aging cat indoors. Cats kept exclusively indoors tend to have longer, healthier lives than outdoor cats. Providing enriched environments and the opportunities to be alone will help keep your older cat content.


Pay Attention to Changes

It is easy to miss the subtle signs of illness in cats. Pay close attention to your furry friend’s behaviors, such as increased sleeping or hiding. It’s also a good idea to keep a log of your cat’s appetite, vomiting, or bowel movements. If you notice any changes in behavior or routines, make sure to schedule a vet visit.


Proper Nutrition Matters

Your senior cat will need to consume a nutritious, balanced diet in amounts appropriate to maintaining an ideal weight. Older cats need adequate protein levels and often benefit from supplements such as glucosamine to support joint health. Keep in mind that nutritional needs change with chronic diseases and for some healthy senior cats. It’s best to discuss nutrition with your veterinarian to ensure you meet your cat’s needs.


Maintain Healthy Weight

Gaining or losing weight will warrant a visit to the veterinarian. Weight gain is a prevalent problem among senior cats and can increase the risk of developing chronic diseases. Unexplained weight loss, on the other hand, may indicate an underlying illness. Keeping your cat at the ideal weight will allow for a happy, healthy life.


Take Care of Your Cat’s Teeth

Dental cleaning and maintaining your cat’s gum health requires veterinary care but can be helped by brushing and dental treats. Your veterinarian can help with tips on caring for your cat’s dental health between professional cleanings.

Keep Your Cat Exercised

You can help your cat maintain mobility by getting into the habit of exercising or therapeutic intervention. It may take some coaxing and patience to keep senior cats active, but it is well worth the effort.


Meet Your Cat’s Changing Needs

You may need to make some adjustments to accommodate your senior cat’s needs. Provide extra padding and warmth for comfort and make sure the resting spots, food, and water are easily accessible. You may also want to consider litter boxes with lower sides for easy access.



Enjoy Your Special Bond

Your aging cat will need more love and attention than earlier in life. Continue petting, playing with, and cuddling your precious pet. The love your kitty can provide you in this stage of life is priceless!



Regular Veterinarian Visits

Make sure to schedule regular visits to All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in the Kirkland area. We will keep an eye on your aging cat to detect subtle changes that may indicate a health condition. We are committed to providing your furry family member with exceptional care. You can always count on us!


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