June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month

Each spring thousands of newborn kittens are brought to animal shelters to join millions of adoptable cats already there. This means your local shelter has many, many tiny little kittens, along with older cats desperately waiting to find their forever home. Your local shelter staff will help you adopt your very own furry friend and add a purr-fect new member to your family. Head to your shelter, and take along a friend or two. Remember, you will be saving a precious cat’s life!

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Why Adopt a Cat?

There are so many reasons to adopt a cat from your local shelter. You will find a huge selection of kitties to choose from in all shapes, sizes, ages, and temperaments! Your adopted friend will most likely be spayed or neutered and vaccinated, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Kittens are so much fun to have around, and you will have the opportunity to train them from the start. We recommend adopting two kittens together if they are under six months old so that they have a feline companion to interact with. Older cats, on the other hand, are low maintenance, housebroken and ready to go! A big bonus is that you can learn all about your cat’s personality beforehand and can adopt a cat that is purr-fect for you.

There are so many reasons to adopt. Having pet companions makes people feel happier and more balanced. You will enjoy the unconditional love and entertainment only your feline friend can offer.

Buying a cat from a pet shop may be supporting cruel breeding methods, thus we recommend – adopting a cat instead. Most importantly, you will be saving a cat’s life; isn’t that all that matters?

Tips for Cat Adoption

Before you adopt a cat, you will need to make sure you are well-prepared. Consider the personality of your new pet.  Adoption counselors will give you the advice needed to help you find a cat with a personality matching your own. Have a veterinarian ready ahead of time and schedule a visit after adoption. Take along your cat’s medical records.

Adopting a cat is a family affair. Take your family along to the shelter and prepare your home for your new family member. Stock up on all the supplies you need, like a litter box, cat food, toys, etc. Make sure your home is ready for your new best friend – put loose items away, including curtain/blind cords (a favorite chew toy for kittens).

Remember, adopting a cat is forever. You will be responsible for a precious new friend that will fill your life with joy!

What Can I Do to Help?

Even if you can’t adopt a cat, there are many ways to help. You can use social media to spread the word. Encourage your friends to adopt a cat. You can also volunteer to help out or donate to your local shelter. You may even choose to foster a cat until it finds a home. Most importantly, educate others on the importance of adopting. You can make a difference!


Let’s not let this month go by without making sure our furry feline friends find their forever homes. Don’t wait! You can save a cat’s life today!

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