February Is National Pet Dental Health Month

Your cat’s dental health greatly affects overall health and happiness

Cat Getting Teeth Brushed and Cleaned | All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Kirkland Wa

You may not know it, but your cat suffers from some of the same dental issues you may experience. Broken or cracked teeth, cavities, plaque and gum disease are just as common in cats as in people. To avoid these problems with your teeth, you probably brush every day and have your dentist examine and clean your teeth twice a year. But cats don’t like to have their teeth brushed, and many people only take their cats to the vet when the cat is hurt or very sick, so dental problems may become serious before they’re discovered.


Your cat’s dental health affects his overall health

National Pet Dental Health Month was established to bring awareness of the importance of dental health care for pets. A large percentage of cats suffer from dental disease:

  • 85 percent over the age of four have periodontitis
  • 50 percent have resorptive lesions (similar to cavities in humans but in the bone tissue)


Nearly all cats will hide dental pain until it becomes so severe they may even stop eating. By the time you seek veterinarian care, not only may your cat have serious dental problems, but the bacteria from dental disease may have entered the bloodstream. Just as in humans, this bacteria can infect the heart, liver and kidneys, and could even shorten your kitty’s life.


Caring for your cat’s dental health

Our Seattle area veterinary clinic in Kirkland, WA, encourages annual checkups for your cat to catch dental problems before they become serious health issues. If we find tartar or signs of gingivitis, we will recommend a dental cleaning. Cats must be put under general anesthesia during cleanings for their own protection. At the All About Cats Veterinary Hospital, we examine your cat and conduct tests prior to anesthesia to determine whether your cat is a good candidate for the procedure. We use the most advanced equipment and techniques to ensure your cat’s safety and health during the cleaning. 


February Special: 25% off At-Home Dental Products

During the month of February, we’re offering 25% off all At-Home Dental Products, including cat toothpaste, rinse and chews. These products are designed to reduce the growth of bacteria in your cat's mouth and hopefully slow down the progression of dental disease.


Call All About Cats, your Seattle area veterinarian clinic in Kirkland, WA, to make an appointment to have your cat’s teeth professionally examined. Your cat will be purr-fectly happy with a pain-free, healthy mouth and teeth.

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