Cat Vaccinations: Which Ones are Necessary?



        Cat getting VaccinatedWhile cats may seem to have nine lives, they still need immunizations to protect them from diseases caused by bacteria and viruses and to strengthen their immune systems. So, the question is, which vaccinations are necessary? Your caring veterinarian at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital will recommend the needed vaccines and when to administer them.     


When Should You Vaccinate Your Kitty?     

Kittens should begin getting their vaccinations at six to eight weeks. They will get a series of shots every three to four weeks. Adult cats will not need vaccinations as often, with most needing shots every year or three years, depending on how long the protection is designed to last.


What Vaccinations Are Necessary?

If your feline friend stays home all the time, you may think that your cat is protected and that vaccinations are not necessary. Your kitty may still catch airborne germs that make it through a door or window or ones you carry home on your hands and clothing. Also, if your kitty somehow manages to get outdoors, or if you kennel your furry friend, you will want to make sure to provide adequate protection.


Most vaccinations are categorized as either core or non-core vaccines. The core ones are necessary for your cat’s health and include the rabies vaccine which is required by law around the country, along with vaccinating against calicivirus, herpes, and panleukopenia, which prevents severe upper respiratory infections and distemper.


As your kitty grows, adult boosters will be needed, and we may recommend additional vaccines based on your cat’s lifestyle. For example, if you have an indoor/outdoor cat, you will want to consider an important non-core vaccine against feline leukemia, which is highly contagious among cats. This disease is serious and will suppress your cat’s immune system, so if you have a curious outdoor kitty, there’s no reason to take any chances. Outdoor cats may also need vaccination. Unfortunately, there is currently no effective vaccine for feline immunodeficiency virus, which is transmitted through bite wounds.


Preventive Care at All Cats Veterinary Hospital

Along with core and recommended non-core vaccinations, we highly recommend that you keep up with regular wellness exams to keep your kitty purr-fectly healthy! Annual checkups work well for younger felines, while seniors aged 12 and over, or felines with ongoing health issues will need to be seen every six months.


We- at All Cats Veterinary Hospital, understand that your cat has unique needs. We will discuss any needed or recommended vaccinations during your cat’s routine exam. You can trust that your kitty will get the best care available because after all, we are all about cats!

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