August 17th Is National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Therefore Black Cats Everywhere Should Be Celebrated and Myths and Superstitions Dismissed. 

We at All About Cats, along with many residents of the Kirkland area love black cats, but unfortunately, not everyone shares our feelings. Many people fear black kitties due to myths and superstitions. Black cats have a hard time getting adopted, and many end up being put to sleep. This August 17th, let’s celebrate our beautiful black felines and help them find their loving forever homes!


What’s the History Behind Black Cat Appreciation Day?

In Celtic mythology, fairies were believed to be able to take the form of black cats and therefore were seen as a sign of good luck. When the devoutly religious pilgrims arrived, they wanted to eradicate any pagan beliefs. Instead of seeing black cats as vessels of fairies, they saw them as vessels of witches and demons. They severely punished many owners of black kitties and killed their beautiful felines.

These days many people around the world continue to believe that black cats are signs of bad luck, hence the need to bring awareness of the plight of our sweet black felines through the National Black Cat Appreciation Day! This day was launched to help our furry friends find their forever human families.

What Can We Do to Help?

First, let’s take a moment to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of black cats. Let us inform and educate others, especially children, who hold the keys to the future. Teach them that black cats are just as sweet and loving as any other pets.

Have you been thinking about adopting a cat? Why not consider visiting your local shelter to bring home a black cat? There are thousands of cats waiting for their forever families. You just might bring home a loving and caring feline companion. Take a friend or two along, and they too may find their new best friends. You really can make a difference.

If you are unable to adopt a cat, you can still volunteer at, or make a donation to your local animal shelter. Anything at all can be a great help!

Let’s Make a Difference

Let us all work to raise awareness about the Black Cat Appreciation Day. Social media is a great platform to put your word out. Encourage others to visit their local shelters and consider adopting a black cat. No cat should ever have to stay at a shelter facing an uncertain future just because of its color. Remember, no black cats have magic powers to bring you bad luck. The magic they hold may be the ability to make you fall in love with them and see them for the beautiful, unique creatures they are. Take a stand and save a cat’s life today!

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