10 Halloween Cat Safety Tips

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While Halloween is a fun and festive time for children and families, it can be an absolute nightmare for your furry pets. Keep yourself and your feline friends stress-free and safe this year by following these 10 tips.

1. No to Human Treats

Who doesn’t love yummy treats, but did you know that Halloween candies and candy wrappers can be extremely harmful to your cat? It's best to ensure your feline friend stays healthy by opting for delicious cat treats!

2.  Halloween Pet Parades

You may want to keep your kitty away from Halloween pet parades unless he/she is comfortable around barking dogs and loud noises. If your cat is mellow enough for this experience, always make sure to use a harness and leash.

3. Keep Your Kitty Indoors

Pranksters have been known to injure, steal, or even kill pets, especially black cats on Halloween night. Additionally, cats can be spooked by the loud noises and costumes and can wander off and become disoriented. Keep your feline friends indoors in the safety of your home.

4. Keep Cats Confined

Your door will be opening and closing, with strangers dressed in unusual costumes showing up. This can be scary for your furry friend, potentially resulting in an escape. Confining our cat in a room away from your front door will reduce stress and keep your loved pet safe.

5. Choose a Safe Costume for Your Cat

If you decide to dress up your kitty, make sure you choose a safe costume that does not restrict any movement, breathing, hearing, or sight. Better yet, drop the costume altogether!

6. Keep Halloween Plants Away from Cats

Ingesting uncooked, potentially moldy Halloween pumpkins or corns can be potentially hazardous to your cats. They can cause gastrointestinal upsets or worse. It's always a good idea to keep pumpkins and cornstalks away from your pets.

7. Lit Pumpkins or Candles

Candles in jack-o-lanterns or other Halloween decorations can easily be knocked over and burn your curious kitty. Keep these items strictly out of reach of your precious pet.

8. Electric and Battery-Powered Halloween Decorations

While electric and battery powered Halloween decorations are safer than candles, they can still present the risk of electrical shocks or burns. Ingested batteries may cause chemical burns or gastrointestinal blockage. Always keep these items out of reach.

9. Glow Sticks and Glow-in-the-Dark Jewelry

These items can cause burns if the liquid leaks out. If your cat has chewed a glow stick, contact the ASPCA Poison Control Center and your vet for immediate care.

10.  Updated IDs

In the event your cat should get lost, proper identification will increase your chances or being reunited with your furry friend. Make sure your cat wears a collar and tag with your name and contact information on it, and better yet, have your cat microchipped.

Enjoy a Safe Halloween!

Halloween is a fun time with children roaming around the streets in search of yummy treats and showing off their costumes. Taking the time to ensure your furry family members are happy safe will allow everyone to have a great time!

For more tips about keeping your kitty safe, contact us at All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in the Kirkland area! You can trust that we have the best advice to offer because we are All About Cats!

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